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UltimateRanter777 was a ranter who started his account in December 2014. He started the account after he deleted his old account "MegaDoopTV" where he would rant and review TV shows but still referred to himself as MegaDoopTV. When he switched over to UltimateRanter777 or UR777 for short, he mainly did rants but game reviews as well. UR777's rants were titled "Ultimate Rants" where he would take a topic that pissed him off and rant about it. His Ultimate Rants series got mainly positive reception, and he made four seasons (each season being 15 episodes) and sixty Ultimate Rants episodes. His most popular rant was his rant on Mr Enter Fanboys which managed to get 1.5K views. However his game reviews got mainly negative reception and he eventually quit due to him losing interest in game reviews. But after before he quit his game reviews and made a new series, "Ultimate Commentaries", his first commentary was on Bourg Productions who made a rant on illiniguy34. His commentaries were even more positively received than his rant series. He made only six Ultimate Commentaries until around late June 2015 where he deleted his UR777 account for unknown reasons. The deletion of his account was announced by one of UR777's friends on YouTube, "The Side Quest Gamer", who does video game reviews.

In August 2015, UltimateRanter created a new commentary channel named ToxicStar984, however he kept his identity a secret and appeared to use an editing software to make his voice deeper. In November 2015, he revealed who he really was and quit commentaries.

Avatars Edit

  • Piccolo (Dragon Ball Franchise)
  • Abe (Oddworld Franchise)

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