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TheNationofJohnnyK, also known as a FUCKING NIGGER, is a commentator and B.O.P. member.

Avatars (images people take off of google bc they're too lazy to make there own avatar) Edit

  • Leo (VG Cats) [Main]
  • Himself [Main]
  • Beast Boy (Teen Titans Go!)
  • King (Tekken)
  • Giroro (Sgt. Frog) (Currently not in use)
  • Doctor Whooves (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
  • Brook (One Piece) (Currently not in use)
  • Huey Freeman (The Boondocks)
  • Garnet (Steven Universe)

Commentaries Edit

List of commentaries by Louden Styles

People he commentated on back when he wasn't a sjw Edit

  • Chris Chan (On LoudenStylesArchives)
  • KENS 5 (On LoudenStylesArchives)
  • TheStalkbridge509 (twice) (On LoudenStylesArchives)
  • Guptill89 (twice) (On LoudenStylesArchives)
  • MagicalPockyUsagi (twice) (On LoudenStylesArchives)
  • Jared Lindy/Sushi654 (On LoudenStylesArchives)
  • Joshua8428/Joshua Culvyhouse (On LoudenStylesArchives)
  • twilightmom1988 (On LoudenStylesArchives)
  • shadowtehhedgie5678 (On LoudenStylesArchives)
  • MichaelDragon800 (On LoudenStylesArchives)
  • twilightdad1989 (On LoudenStylesArchives)
  • KenshiImmortalWolf (On LoudenStylesArchives)
  • summoner87
  • kanodoom
  • EpicDeathare
  • CuteFuzzyWeasel
  • Emma Foreman/OfficialEmmaLoreen
  • jaylinrants287 (Co-op with Scarlet Otaku and OSC)
  • Gohan6425/Teen Fighter Gohan (Co-op with Scarlet Otaku)
  • Matthais Unidostres
  • British Brony and Keyframe
  • kerrie grissom
  • Seck Boi
  • Mwariama Sankara
  • Hanako Emi
  • Hello ImJayR (Co-op with Kayden Marx)
  • Shaaring Pony (Co-op with Zerarick)
  • Sean Sampson (Tri-op with NESMario123 and Scarlet Otaku)
  • Dashawn Johnson
  • godisntreal/mindoutofsync (twice) (Full commentary and Co-op with Doodletones)
  • CommentJack
  • Christian Maracle
  • DustinMakesVids
  • AgostoProductions
  • Gazi Kodzo
  • Corey Margera (Co-op with Blaze)
  • Blaze The Movie Fan (Co-op with Silver)

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Trivia Edit

  • He's in a relationship with Scarlet Otaku.
  • He used to collaborate with RealmwarssII in a series called Not-so Helter Skelter Rants. However, the series eventually died in 2013.
  • he also known for being a petty ass bitch while making his commentaries
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