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Channel Creation Date November 7, 2013
Group Membership B.O.P.
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Silver, also known as TheSilverSteve, is an avid fan of Minecraft and is responsible for the hit series, Minecraft Commentaries.

Silver's Background Edit

Silver was born on March 11, 1996. Come around 2010, he joined the Nazi Party, a place known for having very high quality content. He got kicked out of the Nazi party after they found out all he made was Minecraft videos.

In 2015, he made his first Minecraft Commentary on the Order of Doop Doopers when they invaded Sweden. The Minecraft Commentary was praised for criticizing an act of aggression and would be the beginning of a series of more Minecraft Commentaries.

Eventually, Minecraft Commentaries garnered he attention of well known terrorist organization, Bunch of Psudo Intellectuals, who invited SilverSteve to their roster. SilverSteve has been a BoP member ever since.

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  • Steve (Minecraft)

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