ScreenCritique (formerly SavageBroadcast)
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SavageBroadcast was a former commentator from 2011 to 2013, most famous for his trilogy of commentaries on infamous Youtube film critic ConfusedMatthew (covering The Lion King, Lion King 2 and The Incredibles). During his era, while never being among the most popular commentators in terms of view count, he was well liked by his peers, usually for his logical approach to problem solving and his decision to avoid bringing outside drama into his videos. He was also a commentator who focused mainly on film-related targets, given his own love for the medium and side-line as a video reviewer.

In early 2014, he announced his retirement to refocus his channel on movie reviews and as a platform for his own creative projects.

Having purged his original channel following a rebrand, his commentaries can now be found at his archive channel, SBArchives.

Avatars Edit

  • The Shadow (The Shadow, a 1930s pulp magazine and radio show)
  • Doc Savage (Doc Savage, a 1930s pulp magazine)
  • Doctor Claw (Inspector Gadget (1999), used for just one commentary)

People he commentated on Edit

  • ConfusedMatthew (Thrice)
  • Inflatable Movie Reviews
  • blowshimselfupdude/BrowncoatEric (Twice)
  • Navgtr
  • SuperCodyVideos (Requested by Michael Schomer)
  • Irate Gamer (Twice)
  • CGRUndertow
  • xXMysteriousManXx
  • GyroHedgie453
  • Bullboys8439840, a Sonic recolorist.
  • penelopythehedgehog, a Sonic recolorist.
  • FilmMasterAdam
  • Nostalgia Critic (Twice)
  • Youngbloodfantasy91 (under mutual agreement)
  • Jared Milton
  • Blaze The Movie Fan (Lost following rebrand)
  • MrTARDISreviews (Lost following rebrand)
  • GameDude (Lost following rebrand)
  • Mark Kermode, a British film critic.
  • Terry Gilliam, an American film director. (Lost following rebrand)

Trivia Edit

  • Friends with both Michael Schomer and Youngbloodfantasy91. In a unique spin on commentator collaborations, Youngblood was composer for a short film produced by Savage, Shattered Reflection (2014), about a girl suffering from an eating disorder. They had also talked of collaborating on more projects, including a possible short film musical themed around student life, but nothing would come of it due to time difficulties.
  • Interviewed Guptilll89 in 2011, but the interview was cut short by Guptill rage quitting halfway.
  • Outside of commentaries, SavageBroadcast was a very varied content maker, producing film reviews, rants, a 31 chapter audiobook of the first Sandokan novel, The Tiger of Mompracem, and several retrospectives on pop culture characters like The Shadow (an influence on Batman) and Doc Savage (an influence on Superman).

External linksEdit

SBArchives' YouTube page

Guptill's Interview with SavageBroadcast (2011)