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HOW DARE YOU CALL ME STUPID AND SAY I'M NOT BRIGHT, EVIL BROSEPH! YOU ARE A LIAR AND THAT IS SLANDER! I AM VERY INTELLIGENT, HIGHLY EDUCATED, AND HOW DARE YOU CALL ME STUPID ALL BECAUSE I GO INTO DETAIL AND YET YOU DON'T! I'm sorry, people, if I yell, but this guy really hurt my feelings with this disgusting lie of his about me being stupid and not bright!
TheOrionBroadcast, responding to Evil Broseph

SaganFan1983 (formerly known as TheOrionBroadcast) is a commentary target who bashed people who believed in Athiests and Canadians and refused to respect left-wing religion. He has responded negatively to criticism, and claims that anyone who disagrees with him is using "the second-flag-man fallacy". He returned in late 2015 as SaganFan1983.

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