Rion "Rhino" Mills
Rion "Rhino" Mills
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Basic Statistics:
Channel Creation Date February 19th, 2012
Group Membership B.O.P./The Meme Team
Content Information (as of April 26th, 2016):
Total Subscribers 1,594
Total Views 330,239
Number of Videos (Number of Commentaries) 393 (55)
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Rion "Rhino" Mills is a former Let's Player who started making commentaries in 2013.

He is a very well known member of Bunch of Pseudo Intellectuals.

He also, along with Agan Naga and Larry Mycinoge, form up what he likes to call "The Meme Team". They have not done much with this name as of yet outside of streams and lets plays.

Avatars Edit

  • It Me
  • Cropped Hatsune Miku Porn (Vocaloid)
  • Mako Mankanshoku (Kill la Kill)

Inactive/dropped avatars Edit

  • Prussia (Hetalia: Axis Powers)
  • Flo Rida
  • Jean Kirstein (Attack on Titan)
  • Serge (Chrono Cross)
  • Lady Palutena (Kid Icarus)
  • Chen Gong (Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends)
  • Chance the Rapper
  • Lana (Hyrule Warriors)
  • Kouichi Aizawa (Nabari no Ou)
  • Kururu (Sgt. Frog)
  • Tamaki Suoh (Ouran High School Host Club)
  • Sweetie Belle (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)

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List of commentaries by Rion "Rhino" Mills


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