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Channel Creation Date March 17th, 2009
Group Membership B.O.P.
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Total Subscribers 2243
Total Views 814,201
Number of Videos (Number of Commentaries) 148 (30)
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Percy is a machine, for Christ's sake! He doesn't have genetics!

RickyRay102 is a commentator who has started doing commentaries in 2010. He is often called the nicest person within the CC. However, he had not uploaded a commentary since mid 2014, with his one shot on Marlyonama.

Despite his commentary inactivity, he is still part of the CC. He came back after his hiatus in 2015 with his commentary on Treesicle. During his hiatus, he joined B.O.P.

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  • Sparky (Speed Racer)

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  • He's one of the few active commentators to retain the same avatar he had when he started.

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