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Channel Creation Date September 24th, 2011
Group Membership B.O.P.
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Total Subscribers 1,669
Total Views 369,728
Number of Videos (Number of Commentaries) 177 (Unknown)
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Realm warssII is a commentator and troll who had started out around 2009, where his original channel was called just Realmwarss. His previous commentaries on that account were called Butthurt Commentaries, and they were mainly uploaded to Blip.

He then started posting on Blip less and less until he started using YouTube more frequently for not only commentaries, but dramatic readings and series called Rubbing Salt in the Wound.

Eventually he made his new channel called RealmwarssII and continued from there, until he took a hiatus from commentaries in 2013. He then came back in 2015, and after some time, he became an official B.O.P. member.

Avatars Edit

  • Makimachi Misao (Rurouni Kenshin)
  • Fone Bone (Bone)
  • Zero Suit Samus (Metroid)
  • Dawn (Pokémon) (Currently not in use)
  • Kamiko (His OC)
  • Klonoa (Klonoa) (Currently not in use)
  • Crypto (Destroy All Humans) (Joke commentary avatar)
  • Spyro the Dragon (Spyro the Dragon)
  • Fred Fredburger (The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy) (Currently not in use)
  • Lucina (Fire Emblem)
  • Greninja (Pokémon)


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Trivia Edit

  • He uses a troll account named HiddenMew49 as a way to gain information for his rants.
  • There are two instances where his username was either misread or mispelled. The first was by DoubleSAnimations (Realwarss) and the other was TeenGohanFighter (RealMWarssa).

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