Order of the Dimwitted Doves
Basic Statistics:
Channel Creation Date June 15, 2015
Content Information (as of April 2, 2016):
Total Subscribers 174
Total Views 3,364
Number of Videos (Number of Commentaries) 8 (2)
Notable Members:
DareDevilZombie Airtsunami(Arya)

Order of the Dimwitted Doves, originally called Confederacy of Independent Commentators, is a commentary group created by DareDevilZombie and Lance 1000 (formerly) and was founded on June 15, 2015. Initially, the group was considered controversial due to some of its past members. Another controversy surrounding it was when Eddy the Scammer requested to join, but was criticized by commentators and others. The group itself was the cause of the drama surrounding Eddy and Youngbloodfantasy91, where Eddy was angered by Hobbes having doubts of the groups members due to their poor track records, causing Eddy to make a rant on the instance.[1]

While the group initially received flack, it began to receive praise upon the release of its first commentary.

In December 2015, ODD, along with FedEx, decided to merge into one group. In May 2016, many of the former members of FoX left ODD to revive FoX. The members who were not in FoX before, left ODD and became new members of it, except Nightmare Kagamine, David the savior, and Silver.

As of present, the group has become inactive- with 8/18 of it's members have decided to completely disassociate themselves with the Commentary Community and the group has not produced any content since May 7, 2016, although they are working on things.

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  • SuperFlashDriver (Cancelled)
  • Zapdos Productions
  • Demell_ YT_Universe

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  • They have lost the most members, with a total of 27.
  • They have had a total of 44 actual members, the most out of all of the groups.

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