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Mr.Coolguy32, or that coolguy with no lives the epic, is a somewhat recent commentator in the community. While he is not a full time commentator, he does make commentaries. In the past, he used to make them with screen capture software with little to no editing. He now uses Windows Movie Maker to edit them. Some of the other things he does are rants, game reviews, vlogs, gameplay videos, and just random videos. He was a bandwagon in the community for some time because of his video making style and the points he tries to bring up in his commentaries.


Mr. Coolguy started off his YouTube account in July 11th, 2014, and mostly uploaded Roblox-related videos and rants. Later that year, he started making commentaries on rants such as on a rant on VenturianTale[1] and a rant on himself.[2] Needless to say, it got negative reception and it even caused him to make a rant on the Commentary Community.[3]

A few weeks later, he opened up a channel known as Coolguy's Unedited Commentaries(which was ironic since it was edited), and the commentaries on it received negative reception and even got commentated on. Coolguy later abandoned that channel so he can only post commentaries on his main channel.

Later on, Coolguy "quit" commentaries for about a few days then came back and made commentaries on Leafy Green Productions and CommentJack.

Both commentaries failed causing Coolguy to quit commentaries. Coolguy later said he was making a comeback to commentaries and when on to private all of his videos and made a "Restarting my channel" Video and said in the video "He wanted to restart" and when on to make a commentary on KaBlamBandicoot64 that got a some what positive responsive.


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