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Channel Creation Date October 4th, 2011
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Death to Arabs!

MasterTP10 is a commentator and Jewish Supremacist.

History Edit

On May 15, 1957, MasterTP10 was born to a wealthy Jewish family in Tel Aviv and would grow up in a life of luxury. Being rich, Master TP10 would often look at the other ethnic groups like the Arabs and Armenians who were not as wealthy as he was. This led MasterTP10 to believe that the reason why Jews had more money than the other groups was because Jews were just better than everyone.

On December 6, 1973, MasterTP10 would get news of a dangerous commentators and ISIS member who goes by the name Rion "Rhino" Mills. Rion "Rhino" Mills was terrorizing people in Syria and threatened to attack Israel. Being a big fan of Israel, MasterTP10 opposed this and decided to commentate on Rion's commentary on Israel. The commentary was liked by both the Israeli and International Communities and would give MasterTP10 the reputation he has to this day.

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  • Himself (Israel)
  • His dog (Israel)

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People he co-op'd with Edit

  • Bernie Sander
  • George Soros

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Trivia Edit

  • He made the phrase "Death to Arabs" into a recurring in-joke within the commentary community.
  • His Catchphrase is "no you" and hates it when other people use it.

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