The following is a list of commentaries by Bunch of Pseudo Intellectuals for their channel.

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*All bolded members are past members.

Thumbnail Title Members* (Avatars) Subject Released Length Notes
Bop comm clay A B.O.P Commentary: The Tri-Op 2nd Degree Disaster[1] SuperEpicClay March 24, 2014 12:31
  • Second-degree commentary (although they call it a third-degree).
  • Cameo by NESMario123 (as himself).
  • Commentated on by SuperEpicClay.[2]
Bop comm fangirlflails A B.O.P Commentary: Double Standards are fun aren't they?[3] FangirlFlails April 8, 2014 12:11
Bop comm matthias 1 A B.O.P Commentary: We don't love these Horsehoes[4] Matthais Unidostres May 14, 2014 31:46
  • Before this, David and Rion each made a commentary on their own channels: "Can't Love and Tolerate These Mother F-ing Jokes (Commentary)"[5] and "Lets Just Comment Episode 8: Matthais Unidostres Reviews - DATS NHAT WUT TEY SAAAAID"[6] respectively. In fact, at the beginning of the target video of this commentary, Matthais directly tells the two, "Bring it on!"
  • Second-degree commentary.
  • Commentated on by Joshua8428.[7]
Bop quickie kai from streetrat A B.O.P Quickie: Fuckin Tshirts, how do they work[8] Kai from Streetrat May 29, 2014 5:28
  • B.O.P.'s least favorite commentary.
Bop comm stocky A B.O.P Commentary: The Owl Thats Yes[9]
  • Rion "Rhino" Mills (as Sweetie Belle)
  • RevonRealm (Pony OC)
  • The Masked Starmaker (Freddy Kruger)
StockyOwl150 May 30, 2014 7:59
  • Fourth-degree commentary.
  • Commentated on by TheAmazingSpookWithABrain.[10]
  • Commentated on by HydreigonW.[11]
Bop comm slightly livid gaming A B.O.P Commentary: Haven't danced like this before (or have we?)[12] Slightly Livid Gaming June 21, 2014 19:31
  • Second-degree commentary.
Bop comm matthias 2 A B.O.P (Double Dipping) Commentary: 50 Shades of Pink[13] Matthais Unidostres June 24, 2014 14:22
  • Cameos by Davidwash3r3 (as Darkwing Duck), The Masked Starmaker (Mordecai), HalfBoiledHero (Kamen Rider Fang Joker) and MSMinecraftMan96 (himself).
  • Received many dislikes due to being spammed.
Bop comm david the ranter A B.O.P Commentary: David The Ranter didn't have a cool breakfast[14]
  • Dirtbikeredden (as Dandy)
  • Davidwash3r3 (Darkwing Duck)
  • MacboyReducx (Waffle)
David the Ranter, Alex the Ranter, and TheUncleHammer July 20, 2014 39:22
Bop comm hollywood god A B.O.P Commentary: Batman Takes on The God Of Plebs[15] Hollywood God August 13, 2014 12:53
Bop comm guildmaster A B.O.P. Commentary: The Guildmaster Not Confirmed For Smash Bros[16] The Guildmaster October 12, 2014 14:39
  • Received many dislikes due to fan backlash.
Bop comm enter A B.O.P. Commentary - Enter the Void[17] TheMysteriousMrEnter December 8, 2014 15:56
  • Received many dislikes due to fan backlash.
  • Commentated on by Ephromjos.
Bop comm meta A B.O.P. Commentary - Pedal To The Meta[18] meta527II January 17, 2015 27:37
  • Edited by Akriloth.
Bop quickie gshadow007 A B.O.P. Quickie - Gundam is bAD[19] Gshadow007 January 26, 2015 5:15
  • B.O.P.'s shortest commentary on their channel.
Bop comm jerry peet A B.O.P. Commentary - B.o.P. and Jerry in: Jerry’s Dubstep Adventures[20] Jerry Peet January 28, 2015 41:00
  • Edited by Zerarick.
  • Cameo by Rion "Rhino" Mills (as Sweetie Belle).
Bop comm desi A B.O.P. Commentary - Rion the Boss & Desi Romano[21] DesiLovesSouthPark February 12, 2015 24:11
  • Edited by Rion.
  • The video in question is a response to a commentary Rion himself made on Desi: "Lets Just Comment Episode 24: DesiLovesSouthPark - Haters are nerdass."[22]
Bop comm lance 1000 A B.O.P. Commentary: Sir Lance a Weenie![23]
  • Davidwash3r3 (as Darkwing Duck)
  • Dirtbikeredden (Spike Spiegel)
  • SuperEpicClay (Banjo)
  • HalfBoiledHero (Reverse Centaur)
Lance 1000 April 22, 2015 37:58
  • Edited by David.
  • Fourth-degree commentary.
  • Cameo by Youngbloodfantasy91 (as Hobbes).
Bop comm sean sampson A B.O.P. Commentary: 2013 is the New 2015[24] Sean Sampson May 3, 2015 35:50
  • Edited by Raven.
  • Third-degree commentary.
  • Cameos by Youngbloodfantasy91 (as Hobbes), Akriloth2150 (Count Duckula), and Rion "Rhino" Mills (himself).
Bop comm jay joyner A B.O.P. Commentary - Jay Joyner? More Like Gay Goyner, Amirite?[25] Jay Joyner May 31, 2015 34:45
  • Intro by Raven.
  • Edited by Zerarick.
Hcbp A B.O.P. Commentary - Here Comes BoP Charm![26] TamashiiHiroka and ABrandonToThePast October 19, 2015 41:00
Airhorn A B.O.P. Co-*AIRHORN*[27]
  • Youngbloodfantasy91 (as Hobbes)
  • MasterTP10 (Lucina)
  • SkiHound (Ryūko Matoi)
Michael Page and orion5185 October 20, 2015 20:34
  • Edited by Ski.
  • Cameos by NESMario123 (as Kid Goku), Evan Yeagy (Yasuhiro Hagakure), Scarlet Otaku (Black★Rock Shooter), and Zerarick (Tohru Adachi).
  • The commentary was taken down on November 4, 2015 by Chef Smugs due to a false DMCA claim. The claim was lifted on November 11, 2015 and the video can be viewed on the channel once again.
YellowSwellowThumbnail A B.O.P. Commentary - Don't Eat The Yellow Swellow[28] YellowSwellow October 22, 2015 15:30
  • Edited by MasterTP10 and Rion "Rhino" Mills (slightly).
  • Cameos by Derterifii (as Pinkamena), Davidwash3r3 (Darkwing Duck) and Akriloth2150 (Monsieur Popo).
  • The commentary was taken down on November 3rd, 2015 by Chef Smugs due to a false DMCA claim. The claim has since been lifted and the video is once again on the channel.
Jww A B.O.P. Commentary - Joshie's Woobly World[29] Blackish Butler and The Son of Sparda March 7, 2016 43:10
  • Edited by MasterTP10 and GWS.
  • Cameo by JenJenRome123.
  • Second-degree commentary.
Chambers of my DUUUUUUH The Unauthorized Commentary Of Chambers of my Heart[30]
  • Blaze (as Revy)
  • Kayden Marx (his OC)
  • Youngbloodfantasy91 (Hobbes)
  • Akriloth2150 (Edward)
Chambers of my Heart August 16, 2016 1:40:54
  • Edited by Akriloth2150.
  • Cameos by Davidwash3r3 (as Nick Wilde), MasterTP10 (Mimi), and Galeforce3192 (Naoto Shirogane).
  • Intro made by Kayden Marx.
  • B.O.P.'s longest commentary on the channel.
ConkerKYAAAH A B.O.P. Commentary - Conker's Bad Kyah Day[31] Conkeronine August 18, 2016 38:32
  • Edited by DigitalTy.
  • Cameos by Boonslayer (as Blaziken) and AstroBoyGF (a voiceover).
  • Intro made by MrSirRaven.

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