MDXLR is a Mall Cop
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Video Creator Rion "Rhino" Mills
Video Creation Date July 11, 2015
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"Lets Just Comment Episode 35 (Co-op): MDXLR - MDXLR is a Mall Cop"[1] is a second-degree quad-op commentary by Rion "Rhino" MillsMasterTP10, MrSirRaven, and Derterifii. The subject of the video is MDXLR's "MDXLR Commentaries Episode 13 - Totally Lame."[2]

Production Edit

This was one of (if not the most) anticipated episodes of Lets Just Comment. Originally, episode 35 was going to be a tri-op with SkiHound and Zerarick on 6t76t's "Commentary - This review is not funny,"[3] but it got scrapped due to so many flaws in the script. But then, MasterTP10 showed MDXLR's video to Rion and they decided that it was originally be episode 37 but, they decided to make it episode 35.

Degrees Edit

0: "Your Character Sucks #14 (Remake) - Totally Spies" by Danny Korcz[4]

1: "MDXLR Commentaries Episode 13 - Totally Lame" by MDXLR

2: This commentary

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