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Kayden lel
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Channel Creation Date December 12, 2010
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banddude3 (Name changed recently)
And I give your review a, Me jumping from a third floor balcony out of You made me do it!
Kayden Marx

Kayden Marx's first commentary was actually uploaded to Louden Styles's channel entitled "Random White Guy: BoobsandBlood Not Chestnuts"[1] where he made a commentary on Gaijin Goomba.

He became a member of B.O.P around July 2015, up until he left in October 2016.

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Kayden is great friends with Louden Styles in real life and has been seen in a few videos with him at his house for live action videos. He considers him to be like a brother.

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  • Scarlet David (RWBY)
  • Kayden (His OC)

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