Ephrom Josine
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Channel Creation Date Sep 2, 2014
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Number of Videos (Number of Commentaries) 111 (12)
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Ephrom Josine (known on BlogSpot as Ephromjos) is a commentator on BlogSpot. On YouTube he does responses to other commetators, as well as commentaries. He isn't very popular in the community due to his controversial opinions. Some commentators are under the impression that he's a troll.

History Edit

Ephromjos started of making reviews on his blog however in December of 2014 started making commentaries. While he still wants to make reviews on his blog they have became few and far between.

But as of 2016 he doesn't do commentaries on his blog anymore. He now does them on his YouTube channel.

People He Commentated on Edit

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  21. Dirtbikeredden [twice]
  22. Maturing Around
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  25. Keith Rauh
  26. ToxicStar984 [twice]
  27. Dicaprio Delorean [twice]
  28. CommentJack
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  31. Slothboy494 [five times]
  32. Bourg Productions
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  34. Doodletones
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  37. SkeletonNation
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