David the Ranter
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Channel Creation Date April 3, 2013 (as Mosthatedstuff)
Group Membership Mosthatedstuff
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Total Subscribers 18 (as Mosthatedstuff)
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David the Ranter is an infamous commentary target of Bunch of Pseudo Intellectuals (B.O.P.) as well as a multitude of other commentators. He is notorious for being extremely rude to his critics, highly immature despite being a fully grown man (apparently), and using Speakonia. David does not have his own channel and operates under Mosthatedstuff, but he is the most prominent and active member of the channel, making a huge misunderstanding about the channel name.

YouTube career Edit

David originally wanted to make, as his name suggests, rants about stuff that he hates the most. However, after one of his associates, TheUncleHammer, did a commentary on Benthelooney, which was subsequently commentated on by Pittrocks56, he decided to do a response to Pittrocks by starting his own commentary series, "I Hate Commentaries". The name was often mistaken as David saying that he hates commentaries, which he later cleared the air over. After his commentary was commentated on by Davidwash3r3, [David] the Ranter responded to that as well. His response to Modern Dave was then commentated on by Dirtbikeredden, which he responded too as well. Because of his penchant for incessantly responding to videos about him, he was classified as a wimp who can't handle criticism. After B.O.P did one last commentary on him, David gave up on them for the time being. David's final commentary was in December, where he "killed" Derterifii. David then ranted about Rion "Rhino" Mills in his rant "I Hate: Idiots" where he called him out for his angry final thoughts at the end of the B.O.P comm.

David revealed his age in his commentary on Redden, where he said he graduated high school in 2000, implying he is in his early 30s. David also has his own wiki page, where he revealed his birth date as July 2, 1982, making him 33 years old. However, due to his immaturity, there's a lot of ambiguity surrounding his real age.

David, his brother Alex, and TheUncleHammer all use Speakonia. Talking Santa however, uses the Talking Santa iPod app. This gained them the reputation of being very lazy. David's commentaries were often drawn out and boring, mainly because he repeats himself incessantly, doesn't skip parts AT ALL (he considers that "half-assing" the video), and throws childish insults at his subjects, i.e. referring to Redden as "Mr. Douchebag", a nickname Redden happily uses on his Twitter account.

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