Skylanders? More like Skylosers! And Call of Duty? More like Call of... uh... Call of Crap of Doody!
Crash Bandicoot 64

Crash Bandicoot 64, otherwise known as nathangamernintendoandsonygamer or Supermega nathangamer RFAA & IAS, is a Youtuber who was a common commentary target during the Summer and Fall of 2014. He was most known for his grudge against SuperEpicClay, his hatred for Call of Duty and Skylanders, and calling anyone that likes what he doesn't like a "fanboy".

Crash first became relevant when he did a commentary on SuperEpicClay's commentary on ToonLinkPlush64, where he accused Clay of being a fanboy of Irate Gamer, Mariotehplumber and various other trolls and bad Youtubers. He also called out Clay for not liking Sonic Adventure, calling the best Dreamcast game, only to say he's not a Sonic fanboy when this was pointed out. Clay made a commentary in repsonse to the video, only for Crash to make another response, consisting of nothing more than Crash namedropping various now obscure Youtubers such as InvalidNickname and MonkeyGameGuides due to Clay stating that he had never heard of them. The video in question was commentated on by numerous commentators such as MacboyReducx, Duke86fan, and DynamoRox4Sure.

During the Fall of 2014, Crash made another commentary, this time on SammyClassicSonicFan. Both Dynamo and Clay commentated on the video, the latter pointing how many of the points and jokes were similar to his commentary on Sammy. Not too long after, Crash decided to quit commentaries to focus solely on gameplay and rants.

Outside of the incident with Clay, he was also well known for bad grammar, going off topic, and bragging about using Sony Vegas despite having poor editing skills.

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  • After a year, it still appears that Crash still holds a grudge against SuperEpicClay. Examples of this include Crash going onto Clay's commentaries on Caiden Cowger and saying things such as "Caiden Cowger Is Fucking Awesome." and naming the recommended channels tab on his channel "Good Users Except S.E.C."