Best Commentators
Basic Statistics:
Channel Creation Date July 14, 2015
Content Information (as of unknown date):
Total Subscribers 9
Total Views 572
Number of Videos (Number of Commentaries) 3 (1)
Notable Members:
Halofan hp00, Sean Sampson

Best Commentators is a commentary group created by Sean Sampson and Halofan Hp00. The group received a negative reaction for multiple reasons, such as its members and its first commentary, which was criticized for copying Illiniguy34, having very wooden acting, repeating redundant points, and awkward chemistry between Sean and Halofan. Despite being an alternate channel for Dale Rockman, Autobot78fan is still in the group. Sean Sampson uploaded a recruiting video for anyone who wanted to join the group, and the video have been swarmed by fake accounts. Despite being trolls, they still got in due to Sean being oblivious to the "people" that joined.

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