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"Can I have a cameo?"

-Autumn Chan

Autumn Chan is a commentator who has started commentaries at the end of June 2016. Prior to that, she was mainly known for giving critiques of OCs, AMVs, PMVs, and speedpaints.

She became known in the commentary community after joining Rion "Rhino" Mills' stream and made art for him. After a while, she befriended Rion and other commentators and became inspired to make her own commentaries.

She then became a member of Federation of the Exalted on August 7, 2016, alongside Renegade Master and AnnabethRide.

Personal Life Edit

Autumn (born 1999 or 2000) is an artist who started drawing around 2008-2009, focusing mostly on Tokyo Mew Mew related art. She upgraded to digital art in 2012-2013 using a mousepad and MS Paint, but would still continue to draw traditionally until she got a drawing tablet in February 2015. This leads to her getting the art program called FireAlpaca and made her art there from now on.

She is also a part of the LGBT community and is a pansexual, cisgendered woman. Autumn also doesn't practice any religion of sorts and claims to be an atheist.

Avatars Edit

  • France (Hetalia)
  • Her OC (drawn by her)
  • Todomatsu (Osomatsu-san)
  • Ichigo (Tokyo Mew Mew)
  • Ms. Fortune (Skullgirls)

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Trivia Edit

  • She has confirmed to be in a gay relationship with Pikmintric.

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Her Youtube Channel

Her deviantART

Her Tumblr

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